Wednesday 23 January 2013


Well we wished for a snow day and we've had nearly a week! Three days were spent sledging and snowballing then it was back to school (where I also work), then I helped evacuate nearly 200 children to the local community centre after a suspected gas leak - which now turns out to be the stupid French gas cloud! But there was some sewing time in there somewhere as I managed to:-

Put together a crib sized quilt top, for which I'm now awaiting backing decisions.

I made a couple more sampler blocks for my own quilt. This brings the total to 11 blocks and I only need 14 so the end could be in sight!

There were so many of these Granny Square blocks around last year and whilst looking at peoples 2012 roundups I saw them all again and realised I hadn't made one - and I know they are probably so last year but hey, now I can say I did one! And it was so quick and easy and looks so cute too.

I also put together another block for the Super Mario quilt, it's supposed to be a black bomb...

but it looks weird to me. It is not pressed or sashed yet so maybe it will look okay in the grand scheme of things, I'll have to wait and see...

And it's Wednesday so I'm linking up with Freshly Pieced as well :-)

P.S. I apologise for the poor picture quality, my iphone seems to be taking very dark photos...

Monday 14 January 2013

I'm Alive!

Hello my lovelies!
Lack of laptop means there's been no blogging from me for several months but I am still here, alive and well.

I've commandeered my son's netbook for the evening, so here goes!

I went to my local quilting exhibition this weekend, one of the local quilting groups had had a red, white and blue challenge, this particular quilt caught my eye not because of the fabric or the quilt itself but the quilting was done in a red, white and blue varigated thread and in the shape of bunting! So cute!

I'm about to start a crib size quilt for a new(ish) baby boy in the family and here's my initial colour palette...

Okay... I cannot work out how to load a photo from my iPhone through the netbook to blogger so I'm adding the pics through my mobile app (which doesn't work out so well, I hope it comes through) and then re-editing the post on the netbook... tedious!

Wishing you all well for 2013 and hopefully I'll conquer this technology at some point! ((xxx))

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