Saturday 7 April 2012

Central Park 4 Patch - Finished!

I made this quilt top way back in May last year believe it or not,  I fell in love with the Central Park prints the moment I saw them and purchased a fat quarter bundle of the pink colourway. 
I wanted a quilt design that would showcase the larger prints and when I saw this tutorial over at Clover & Violet I knew it would be ideal.
 I started to run short and had to improvise a couple of scrappy squares...
I chose this beautiful floral print for the back and boy was it hard to find a big enough piece! In the end it was good old Etsy to the rescue and over the ocean it came.  It looks so beautiful I may even love it more than the front!
After an audition between blue or yellow binding I went with the yellow and it looks so pretty and spring-like with the flowers and bright colours.  I took an age to sew the binding on, I machine sew it, then hand stitch the other side, and my hand sewing skills are pretty poor hence the delay!
If I remember correctly the quilt measures 37.5x49 inches, which is just right for me to snuggle under in the armchair of an evening!

I have since purchased oodles more Central Park in the orange, blue and green colourways which you may have seen my sampler blocks being worked in. It's one of those fabric lines that I seem to never tire of, it's so pretty.

I was ashamed to keep listing this quilt as a WIP simply for the binding and linked up with Amy's One Thing One Week Challenge and voila! All done!
I'm so proud I may also try and link up with Richard Quilts Link a Finish Friday (even though it's Saturday!)

Happy Easter everyone! xx


Longvacation said...

Your quilt is so pretty! I love all the purples together.
Coincidentally, I just finished a Central Park top myself. It's a wonderful line.

Canadian Abroad said...

A finish is a finish - be happy and enjoy the snuggling under it!

Mrs Flying Blind... said...

Lovely lovely finish - Happy Easter x

Richard Healey said...

Thank you for linking up the quilt looks wonderful.

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