Wednesday 19 June 2013

What's Occurring Wednesday

Today I managed to sit down for a whole half an hour (!) and start attaching the binding to the kaleidoscope quilt.

Him indoors decided out of the blue to have a go at recovering a dining room chair!  We were given the fabric over a year ago by our neighbour.  Here is a before and after chair. A definate improvement!

The material looks shiny in this picture but it is a heavyweight brushed cord in a tan colour.

Today I took delivery of the first piece of furniture for my new sewing room!  Yay!  This shabby chic (?) painted pine cupboard was a bargain from eBay.

Now that there is an actual piece of furniture standing in the room hubby can be found here...

When I took all the childrens artwork off the wall it took chunks of paint with it, so he's kindly going to make it good for me.

Now although i'd like him to recover all 6 of the dining chairs I am selfishly pleased that he is currently 'at work' in the playroom/sewing room!

I hope everyone had a great Wednesday!


Mrs Flying Blind... said...

We've got a load of walls need doing if he gets bored!

heart of charnwood said...

Ignore Hadley, my need is greater, we've got loads of diy needs doing here!!

Catrin Lewis said...

That cupboard is great! I'm guessing stash holder? I can imagine it now with all your beauties on show ahhhh

Julie said...

I love that cupboard! Your new sewing room should be fabulous! The chairs do look much better hurray for recovering!

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