Tuesday 15 February 2011

Decluttering, a Misson.

As a Cancerian, born in July, I'm an untidy person and a hoarder.  I'm terrible at letting things go and always stash them away 'just in case'! But with 2 children and all their associated stuff, our house is bursting at the seams.

Just after the new year I saw a link on myzerowaste.com for a website which sets weekly missions for decluttering your life called 365 Less Things.  A few days late but 'decluttering' became one of my 2011 resolutions.

I started off well, attacking my wardrobe, the back of the kitchen cupboards, the junk in the bottom of my handbag(s) (I have far too many - another item to be whittled down!), but then came the heading: The Black Hole....

Everyone has one, it's a place in your home where everything seems to get dumped.  But I seem to have multiple black holes; the hall table, the corner of the kitchen worktop and the dresser in the dining room.

Having tackled the dining room dresser at Christmastime I made a beeline for the hall table yesterday.  I hadn't seen the table top for several months as the childrens school artwork was providing full coverage.  My youngest son is 3 years old and uses ALOT of glue and paint, so things get left on the table to dry but then get covered with yet another masterpiece the next day.

I was ruthless!  I found an old art case and stored away some special pieces, I stuck some of the more colourful paintings on the playroom wall and recycled what was left, which was a heck of alot but I kept saying to myself, "you can't keep everything".

And now I have a lovely clear table which I thought I would make a quilted table runner for.
The shelf underneath is another mini mission in itself, there are hats, scarves and gloves galore on there!
And, the next black hole is the kitchen worktop...
Lucky for me, it seems others have the same black hole as me and an article has been dedicated to organising this space; http://www.365lessthings.com/?p=930

The 365 Less Things mini missions for this week are;

Monday - if you decorate for Valentines Day then weed out those decorations that have seen better days.  This one was not applicable for me.

Tuesday - Vases, how many does one household really need and how many do you have? Can any be donated to charity? My mum is a part time florist to I'll have to speak to her about this one next time she's here.

Wednesday - Writing Paper, how many notepads do you have and how often do you actually write a proper letter?  Could your stationary stash be whittled down?

Thursday - making things for others is a nice way to show affection but do you have unfinished projects lying around? If so perhaps you should finish them or wipe your hands clean of it. Either way you'll feel better for it.  Immediately the half finished advent calendar made from raisin boxes springs to mind! I think I'll recycle it. 

Friday - Did your loved one take you out to dinner on Valentines day? If so did you wear something sexy or are your sexy items stashed in the back of a draw somewhere never seen but not forgotten. Use it or loose it! If you have items like this that you know are never going to be used do yourself a favour and remove them. They are the worst type of aspiration clutter. If you do feel the need for an item of this kind in the future just buy yourself something new that suits the current you.  Ahhh, yes. There are a couple of items back there...be brave Karen, just do it!

Saturday - A closet - Pick one in your home and assess what is on the floor of it. There's sure to be at least one thing there that can be decluttered.

Sunday - There is usually one room in our homes that is more cluttered than others. Go to your clutter room and contemplate where the problem lies. Why is this room a collection point for clutter? Pick an small area of this room and declutter it now. While you are doing this have a note book and pen handy and jot down ideas on what else you can do to unclutter this area.

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