Monday 8 April 2013

2013 Q2 Finish-a-long Plans

We are home from a lovely long weekend spent in Devon, I didn't want to come home, it's great catching up with the family we don't see very often.  I made it to the Spring Quilt Show too! But I'll write a quick post on that later.

I missed out on the Q1 fun for the Finish-a-long over with Leanne at She Can Quilt, but I was very impressed with everyones recently posted finishes so here is my UFO list for Q2.

Back in July 2011 I joined the Kaleidoscope QAL and cut up my precious Denyse Schmidt Picnic Fairgrounds prints, but my template had printed to the wrong scale, my fabric was cut to the wrong size and being a novice I had no idea how to proceed.  Using a new template I eventually plucked up the courage to have another go and managed one - yes one! - block, the right hand one... the left one is all puckered in the centre...  I'm going to be realistic and just try to attempt to resurrect a couple more blocks from my already cut fabric on this project.

Last spring (2012) I made my Rainbow Diamond quilt top with an RK brights charm pack.  It was layered and pin basted and then I changed my mind about the backing fabric, so it was unpinned and popped in the drawer while I decided... I'm sure I can manage to finish this one up before June!

The Super Mario Quilt for my boys has turned into a bit of a labour of love! The small pieces in these blocks are getting to me and I keep taking breaks from it, which means there isn't alot of progress on it lately.  I pledge to finish a few more blocks on this one.

The distinct lack of spring in the air prompted me to pull out my Laurie Wisbrun Modern Whimsy layer cake and add some zingy solids to the mix.  This is a very recent WIP but with a few more  pieced blocks and a bit of sashing in between it should come together quite quickly.
I'm looking forward to making a start but with the kids on school holidays for another week there may not be much time for sewing, seems all I've been doing today is refereeing! I also can't wait to see what projects everyone else is linking up, I'm off for a look!
she can quilt


Ally said...

Hi. I think your quilts are great. I'm a real beginner. I've played with a few blocks but not made a quilt yet. Can't wait to make my first quilt! I know what WIP means but could you tell me what UFO means please?

Mrs Flying Blind... said...

Good luck with those - I bet you'll tick them all off!

Jess @ Elven Garden Quilts said...

Your mario blocks are fab! Good luck with your plans this quarter!

Jess @ Elven Garden Quilts said...
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