Sunday 21 April 2013

Spring Quilt Festival

I forgot to post about my flying visit to the Spring Quilt Festival in Exeter a couple of weekends ago! Shame on me!

We were down in Devon staying with family near Honiton and the quilt festival was only a half hour drive away, so while my boys were playing on tractors and quad bikes I spent the morning fabric shopping and gawping in awe at the display quilts.

These quilts are so amazing, and you know how poor my photography skills are, so I hope you can appreciate the workmanship from my pictures, they are just so inspiring.

I'm planning a union jack/London themed quilt for him indoors, it's our 10th wedding anniversary next month - so although it's highly unlikely he'll be given it on the day, he hopefully will receive it in our 10th year of wedlock!

I managed to purchase a few more fabrics for his quilt while I was there along with a couple more random FQ's for an I Spy Quilt also taking shape in my brain!

One of the stalls at the festival tickled me, all the fabric and ribbons was stored in wine boxes! I wonder if they drank all that wine and then wondered what to do with all the boxes?  Or if they are saying, 'I need more storage, quick lets drink more wine!'

I've spent the day quilting my Spring Whimsy quilt and my shoulders are aching so I'm off for a glass of wine of my own and a catch up of some Paul Hollywood Bread to unwind...

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Mrs Flying Blind... said...

Sounds like a worthwhile trip; the wine excuses are never-ending!

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