Monday 8 July 2013

Happy Mondays

I love a happy post day, don't you?
My zipper sampler pack arrived from Zipit on Etsy, aren't they just gorgeous!  The colours are amazing!  And there is the cutest little zipper pull badge thingy attached to the red zipper, can you see it?  I love little surprise additions to my packages!  Oh and the Fortune Teller Fish came with them too, it says I'm passionate today apparently!

And my quilt labels came!  I ordered these cute little fusible labels from One Eyed Bee also on Etsy.  Seeing as I have a load of quilts and things lying around here that haven't been labelled I figured these would be great for ironing on and then hand sewing in place.
I did one straight away!
I know my hand sewing is shocking! But practise will make perfect and I have several more to do yet!  This one is cut down  to size so there is even room at each end of the label if I wanted to sew on a date as well.

A trip to Lidl yielded this ironing mat for only £3.99, great for holidays and handy for crafting too!

And I'll leave you today with this picture of my little treasures enjoying the lunch at Daniel's Birthday Party on Sunday.  We had such a lovely weekend, hooking up with friends and family, with a kids sleepover in the middle and the party on Sunday, how the kids were still going I don't know, I was knackered and I didn't exert half as much energy as they did!

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Canadian Abroad said...

Love those labels and glad the birthday party went well.

Rachael said...

really cute labels!

heart of charnwood said...

Great labels, and aren't zipit zips gorgeous colours! :o)

Mrs Flying Blind... said...

Well all sorts of lovelies there! I really need labels!

Paula@TheSassyQuilter said...

My sister has the ironing mat and it is great. Works on her washer top, table top, and craft area. Beware, do not put on top of your cutting mat, will warp it.

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