Monday 28 February 2011

Manic Mondays!

I've got a quick window of opportunity to tell you about the Make It Craft Fair myself and best mate Claire went to yesterday.

Held in Farnborough, Hampshire it is the biggest event of it's type in southern England. It is quite heavily paper craft based with the list of sponsors including Lets Make Cards, Crafts Beautiful, Lets Get Crafting and Making Cards Magazines. There were lots of card making and rubber stamping exhibitors but Claire has always wanted to give card making a try so off we went!

I was very restrained and did not succumb to the temptation of a new crafting hobby but did buy these items;

From the one fabric stall, I purchased a yard of lovely blue/green mens shirt type material, a pretty scarf with hearts on, the sewing patterns came with a magazine, a couple of small rubber stamps complete with their own ink, a bobbin organiser, an apple paper punch and some little pre-made card toppers.

Claire however was far less restrained and came home with paper and card stock, rubber stamps and blocks, pro-markers, tweezer sets, peel offs and also has on order one of these fabulous craft storage cabinets!

Hers is more cabinet-like and will have doors on the front and I think she customised the interior differently to that above but it was attracting alot of attention at the show, and deservedly so!

It's being delivered to my house in flat pack form (as Claire works and wouldn't be home to receive it), I have warned her that it might get 'acquired' by me and as that old saying goes 'possession is nine tenths of the law!' - only joking!

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