Wednesday 6 April 2011

Wednesday's Fabulous Car Boot Finds

The sun is shining and the car boot sale season is back upon us! Yay! I love rumaging through other peoples stuff!

Today's boot sale yielded;
Vintage Spiderman Duvet Cover Set - should I give it to No 1 son as it is or repurpose it for a quilt? The front has huge spiderman but the back has lots of smaller images...
Lovely Mason bottle,
Green purse which I only brought to repurpose the clasp and chain,
Retro stripey thermal cup,
Jewelery Organiser in the shape of the UK, soon to be a ribbon organiser!,
And this lovely vintage butteryfly fabric by Linda Beard, and just look at the selvedges! complete with washing instructions, the lady I brought it from thinks it's from the 80's!

And today my lovely postman brought me;
A lovely fat quarter of one of the prints I was missing from the Kate Spain Central Park range, yummy! :o)


verykerryberry said...

The UK mini shelf unit is such a random and quirky find! Exactly what you would want to find at a car boot!

Sew,ray,me said...

Wow, more great finds!

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