Wednesday 13 July 2011

WIP Wednesday

The weekend flew by... Monday and Tuesday flew by.. OMG it's Wednesday already!

Ummmm... a little progress on Emily's rag quilt
i love these Ann Kelle remix fabrics, and we're going with 2 tone pink on the back (Kona Baby Pink and Candy Pink) to co-ordinate the design with Aidan's 2D Zoo rag quilt.

I received two lovely packages yesterday;
containing the (finally chosen!) backing fabric for my Central Park 4 Patch Quilt and some more FQ's in different colourways which will be used in the skill builder sampler.

I had an unexpected liason with the troubleshooting pages of my sewing machine handbook too... how is it that you can be happily sewing along one minute and then BAM! your tensions are all off? I had not adjusted the lower thread tension before now - but CHECK! I think I've cured it... althought the machine seems noisier - perhaps all the fluff I cleared out of the underbelly of the machine was deadening the noise all along?!?

I'm linking up with Lee at Freshly Pieced today - who's fabulous work ethic and creativity put me to shame! :o)
WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced


Debbie said...

A little progress is better than none! I LOVE your Central Park fabrics! I just made my 2nd CP quilt - it's at the quilters today, so hopefully I'll be showing it off before long.

Letterpress said...

I had a little talk with my sewing machine yesterday--and lots of fluff cleaned out as well!

Fun to get the CP fabrics for your quilt. I love when I get new fabrics in the mail--it's like a little bit of Christmas!

Ann Kelle's fabrics are divine, and so mixable with each other (like you've done) and so many other fabrics. Fun to meet a quilter from the UK on here!

Elizabeth E.

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