Thursday 5 April 2012

A Happy Post Day

I had a naughty moment of spending the other day after seeing this block, so off to Etsy I went and the lovely shop of Emicraftinjapan came up trumps! I love it when envelopes are made to look pretty too, it had a very decorative tape and the cutest little fabric cup stuck on, which I have peeled off and saved.

And so the Kokka Milk Caps were mine, along with the cutest little bunnies hiding behind trees - well it is Easter after all! and a sample of a pink towny print - very sweet but doesn't go with anything else in my stash right now.

And from Prints to Polka Dots in the offcuts section, some Alexander Henry Home Sewing, a small square of Riley Blake Map - I have other prints from this collection but this one eluded me, a little bit is better than none, especially when it was only 34p!  And look... a little pack of 2.5" sqaure samples of  Riley Blake Sunny Skies thrown in, with a little note recommending coordinating Kona solids and threads!  What service!

Happy Happy :o)


Mrs Flying Blind... said...

Fun shopping!

Richard Healey said...

I do like that block you picked. The Tree's and hiding rabbits are cute my mother is such a rabbit nut.

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