Friday 15 April 2011

A Blogging Giveaway #11

Leigh over at leedle deedle quilts is having a giveaway!

From Heather Ross's Mendocino line, a fat quarter each of:
Mendocino Underwater Sisters in natural,
Mendocino Giant Octopi in natural,
Mendocino Underwater Sisters in blush,
Mendocino Giant Octopi in aqua,
West Hill floral stripe with gold leaves

This giveaway will close Sunday night at midnight Mountain Time... whatever that is? I only know GMT!

I'm linking up with the Friday Nite Sew In tonight, hubby is off out and I've taken the kids and dog for a long walk in the woods, so hopefully it'll be a peaceful one and I can crack on...
Handmade by Heidi


Just found another giveaway! This time it's Laurie Wisbrun's new line Pooches & Pickups! So Cute! Comes in the blue/green colourway
or Red/Ochre

If you'd like a chance to win some then head on over to alamode quick!

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