Saturday 23 April 2011

Happy St George's Day!

I started the Union Jack on the Queen's birthday and continued on into St George's Day, so it's fitting that the back is this;

and the Union Jack finished up like this;

I was winging it the whole way, with no pattern or measurements to follow and the quilting was done last night after several lovely cold beers! But I think it turned out pretty cute.

I might be able to get it bound this evening while watching Britain's Got Talent if I'm lucky!


Manda said...

Yep, very cute! :)

Mrs Flying Blind... said...

Are you after a knighthood!??

Amy said...

very pretty, what kind of beer? hehe

Karen said...

I'd prefer a wedding invite!! ha ha
It was Tiger beer, Tesco had been ransacked coz of the good weather and the beer aisle was pretty bare!

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