Thursday 4 April 2013

Easter Getaway

We have arrived in Devon! Yay!

It's trying to snow and is bitterly cold and windy but it was like that a home so what the hey!

We're staying with my hubby's family near Honiton and guess what? The Spring Quilt Festival is on this weekend and it's about a 20 minute drive away from here on the way to Exeter!

I didn't plan it that way honestly but I wonder if I can persuade hubby to drop me off there for a couple of hours?


Mrs Flying Blind... said...

Have fun, and the Spring Quilt Festival will be too good to miss xxx

Jennie said...

Have fun - if you head into Sidmouth there is a small shop round the back of the main street that sells some fabric including Art Gallery - it's called Maisie Daisie - where the road splits between Fore Street and Old Forestreet facing the sea, turn left and walk round and to the left back on yourself a bit! Have a great holiday!

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