Saturday 30 April 2011

A Quickie from Devon!

Hello from nr Honiton, Devon.

The roads were dead so we made it in good time yesterday morning to see all the royals making their way to the wedding, etc etc etc all day long :o) I LOVED IT!!! Especially the happy couple driving off in the Aston Martin! I could watch it all again, and probably will :o)

We're staying in the most beautiful Devon longhouse that's over 360 years old, with Jez's aunt and uncle, I'll try and take some pics to show you why we love to come here so much.

I hit the antique shops in Honiton today... yay! Jez left me with his credit card and took the kids and dog to the park, bless him he's so well trained!

I was very restrained and only brought 4 things (1 was fabric!), I had to keep in mind that there were already 4 people, 1 dog and luggage in the car! I don't have the facility to upload photos here, so will do so next week when I'm back home.

We're off down to Brixham tomorrow to see my dad :o)
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