Friday 10 June 2011

a little something for me

I started today by making another weighted pincushion organiser for my nan. Last time she was here she saw mine, had a look thru my fabrics and requested a blue one! Who am I to say no to the head of the family!

I've stalled on the quilting front as I wait for fabric deliveries, so I decided to make some little weighted bags to help the fabric stop sliding off the table during cutting. Out came the Central Park scraps and voila

I made 3 in total, a log cabin-ish one, general scrappy one and a ticker tape style one. The back are scrappy too.
I haven't tried the ticker taping method before but have loved seeing all the bottled rainbow blocks lately. It's made with pretty small scraps, the block is 5"x5" but I'm pretty happy with it, after all it's only a weighted bag not a quilt!

Sorry for the poor picture quality and the crooking of necks, the photos were taken on my phone... my bad! They are on flikr the right way up though!


Mrs Flying Blind... said...

Oh they look fab!

Canadian Abroad said...

That ticker tape one is fabulous and the pieces you used must be minuscule! Love all three.

Anonymous said...

Love that central park fabric! I've been eyeing it on's beautiful!

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