Thursday 30 June 2011

SBS Catch Up

The Skill Builder Sampler...
Each month Leila will focus on a different quilting skill and provide tutorials for three 12 inch quilt blocks using the month's skill.
Skills: Cutting, ¼ inch seam allowance and value.
Blocks: Log Cabin and Around the World
The log cabin was fun to do, and I found it easy - great!
Block 2: The value 9 patch - uh oh...
I completely blame the fact that I was cutting fabric, whilst cooking dinner and watching 3 boys (we had an extra round for tea)! I've ended up with the same fabric for all the middle pieces of the lighter coloured blocks. The darker blocks however I am happy with.

I shall be cutting some more fabric and trying again - this time paying more attention, now however I'm having a glass of wine to comiserate my fall at the first month's hurdle! - at least hubby had a chuckle over it!


Canadian Abroad said...

I usually cut the wrong size by about a quarter of an inch and get really annoyed with myself. Nice blocks though.

Candice said...

They are great, even with the opps :) It could add character to the quilt! Love it!

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