Monday 28 March 2011

One Thing, One Week Challenge #7

I've been procrastinating... starting too many new projects and not finishing any! I love the piecing but am intimidated by the quilting and binding parts, so I linked up with Amy's One Thing, One Week Challenge to prompt me to get into gear. If you post your project, then a week later post your finished work you get entered into a giveaway... well you know how much I love giveaways!

Remember the placemats I was playing with made from blue and white half sqaure triangles?
Well my challenge was to quilt and bind at least one of them, and here's the pinwheels one all finished. Although the binding is atrocious! It's machine done and the stitch does not go in the ditch by any stretch of the imagination, so I may have to unpick and start again, but for now I'm using it as it is!

I just can't hand sew at all. To write, I'm left handed but my brain cannot compute certain things in the left hand so I use scissors, rotary cutter, knife and fork, mouse etc all with the right hand but sewing just doesn't seem to happen in any hand at all!!! So no hand binding for me at this stage.

For the next placemat, chevrons, I'm trying a different binding method where you cut your backing fabric bigger than you need, do the quilting, then fold the backing fabric over and bind that to the front of your project. Very handy for small projects like mug rugs and placemats apparently! I thought I had saved the page to refer to, but now I'm looking for it for a link and I can't find it...DOH! I remembered it was from one of the March Mug Rug Madness tutorials, see Knitty Bitties. How hard can it be right?

Wish me luck!


liberal sprinkles said...

Hi, good luck with the rebinding. Thanks for the tip on the alternative binding method, I'd like to try that one day. I hopped over from One Thing, One Week. Have a great week ahead!

Marci Girl said...

I've done that binding method before too, but if I went to do it today, I think I'd struggle with the corners! Good luck getting the other one fixed!

hazel said...

Well done! For your first go, it looks pretty spiffy to me! I've never even attempted to stitch down binding, so you're one up on me! :- ) I like the blue-and-white, and half square triangles offer such a lot of possibility, no? :-)

À bi!

Quiet Quilter said...

Your pinwheels look SO Much Better than mine! Congrats on finishing!

KristyLou said...

I just love how those colors turned out! I think I will be making myself some placemats :)

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