Friday 12 July 2013

Something Old Something New Week 2 Update

Thank you to everyone who has linked up this past week!  Here is a taster of the new projects added;

Kim's Gorgeous Chair Makeovers

And having a dog myself, I love this one!
I received a surprise in the post this week in the form of this part made quilt top!

Here it is hung over my garden gate, so you can judge that it's a fair size!

I placed an order with Prints to Polka Dots for some Pirate Matey FQ's and charm squares.
They emailed me that they were unable to complete my order, would I happy to receive what they had... a partial quilt top they had found lying around (?!?) - I obviously said "yes please!"

At first glance I thought that I could add to it with the fabrics they had sent me but the piecing is not quite to my liking.

The pieced border was strip pieced and then slung on pretty randomly, the charm squares on the corners have literally been folded in half and oversewn (?!?) and all the cotton threads were left on and some have been sewn through to the front of the fabric - see the lime cotton on the corner.  I have snipped off this much so far!

So it looks like me and Mr Seam Ripper will be spending some time together soon but I am grateful for all these lovely charm squares that I can turn into something bigger and hopefully better!  

So this will be another Something Old Something New challenge for me!


If you haven't linked up to the Challenge yet the linky page is open until Friday 26 July midnight GMT London, and there's a chance to win a prize of vintage sheet goodness sponsored by Vintage Sheet Variety Shop.

We're off camping for the weekend, and I've got my hexies packed, the sun will be shining in good old Blighty, so have fun everyone!


heart of charnwood said...

I'll be honest, that looks pretty poorly pieced, whatever you do with it will be an improvement!

Mrs Flying Blind... said...

Dear lord!!!
What size are the finished squares - would it be easier and less-soul destroying to simply cut squares out of each patch and chuck all the seams?

Kim said...

Me and Mr Seam Ripper are the best of friends as well! Good luck with the quilt....I am confident that you will transform it into a spiffy quilt!! said...

Wow you've got a belter of a weekend for camping. Have a great time. I'm definately with Flying Blind on this one, I'd cut out the squares rather than unpick, I like creating not un-creating :0)

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