Saturday 5 March 2011

Show n Tell Saturday

I have pin basted, quilted and bound my first complete project!

Friday is one of only two days in the week when both the boys are in school/preschool all day (9am-3pm), so I took the opportunity to completely ignore all the chores that needed doing around the house and started looking for a small project that could be completed in a day by a beginner.

I found a lovely tutorial for placemats and potholders and decided to make the smaller of the two.

Mine has come out slightly smaller again than the tutorial... so I'm calling it a Mug Rug!

I used 2.5" scraps of apple fabric I had left over from my Fruitilicious Baby quilt top made on Wednesday, and plain white just because that's what I had to hand.

I was a bit confused about binding as it was my first time but I found that the tutorial on Jaybird Quilts was really helpful.

Although my binding is messy and the stitch doesn't disappear in the ditch all the way around (My hand sewing is atrocious so I machined it) I'm really pleased to have completed a full project on my own.


Erica said...

It's very lovely & always nice to complete a project in a day.

Sheila said...

Well done Karen, I love that apple fabric, haven't made any mugrugs yet but they are on my mental list somewhere...........

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