Sunday 27 March 2011

Sunday Sewing Space #1

I love looking at other peoples spaces, seeing their eye for colour or design, and seeing as my sewing space is fast becoming the place I spend the most time I thought I would look around for posts on other peoples sewing spaces (or rooms if you're really lucky) just to get ideas for design and storage of course (!?!) and look what I found...

Over at 13 Woodhouse Road there was a whole series of blog posts dedicated to exactly this subject! Sadly it's over now and I just haven't got enough of looking in other peoples drawers! So I thought I would share mine with you and if anyone else would like to participate you could send me all the details of your space and I'll blog it on a Sunday...

So here I am, going first... brace yourselves! I'm a very untidy, hoarding, clutterbug of a Cancerian!

Here is my sewing (dining?) table.
I have piles of fabric on the table, under the table, on chairs...

Two thirds of the table are taken up with my machine, fabrics and work in progress, leaving the far left for cutting.

Leading off from our dining room is the conservatory which has been filled up with clutter over the wintertime in the hope of doing a car boot sale. Can you see what's nestled singer sewing machine table.

I'd like to bring it in and put it here

All the clutter on the floor in that corner has not been looked at for months so I reckon it can be liberated! And then I could replace the fabric covered chair for a fabric covered Singer table!

My table has a white marble top rather than the traditional wooden one and my Singer machine was only just given to me this Christmas, so they are not a true pair although the machine does date back to 1895, around the same time for this design of cast iron table frame. I've nestled the machine in the window for the time being so that it's out of the way of prying little people, but it also gives me a focus other than my neighbours fence!

My works in progress hang from a light fitting, in between wedding and baby pictures and above the drying washing! Although hopefully the washing will be dried outside now the weather is changing for the better.

Sorry you'll have to crick your neck for this one! (I can't seem to get the photo to load the right way round) I also share the room with the scalextric track, a dresser unit and the dog cage! And now you can see all the clutter in the conservatory - I should be ashamed!!!

Perhaps this post could be a 'before' post and I should make a concerted effort to declutter, tidy, organise etc and then do another 'after' post of the new and improved sewing space?

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