Wednesday 26 June 2013

Sewing Room Reveal #2

My WIP for the past week has been my new sewing room, and here it is folks, my new favourite space...

Outside looking in.  Even Buster wants in on the action!

We have 2 small rooms at the back of our garage, this one and hubby's even tinier office.  It opens out to the garden.

Mum gave me a small Lloyd Loom chair, it needs repairing a little and is crying out for some patchwork cushions don't you think?  My bargain shabby chic pine cupboard from eBay has been filled to the brim!  

How is it that when you are in the corner of a room, just shoving things here and there it doesn't seem like you have much?  And then you start pulling it out and it just keeps coming and coming...!

have put rolls of wadding, scrap buckets and unsightly paperwork in the lower half of the cupboard and covered it temporarily with some green fabric.

My stash and rainbow scrap jars have been put on the top shelves.

Quilts and baby Minky ribbon blankies are being stored on the top of the cupboard. 

My wire basket rack holds more wadding and sheets & duvet covers to be used for quilt backs.  I've covered it up by hanging some WIP's on it!

Another bargain is the Ikea desk.  The wall on the right will become my design wall, I've planted a seed of creation in hubby's head for this!

I'm still using the UK shaped ribbon and thread holder but I need something more fit for purpose really.

There's a tiny corner for the ironing board, when the right hand outside door is closed there is room for the ironing board to be opened out there.  That's the door to hubby's little office.

And with both the doors flung open to make the most of the sunshine I can look out on the patio and garden - and there's my 2 little treasures hiding in the flowerbed!

There are still a couple of things to finish up but I'm so overjoyed with it! I've been finishing up my Sewing Machine Cover Tutorial for 2 days so haven't even had a chance to actually sew anything in there yet but I'll be sure to let you know when I do!

Thanks for stopping by.

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Canadian Abroad said...

How fabulous you have a space of your own. Love the way you have organised it and it will be good for you to have some peace at times and get on with projects when you want to.

Catherine said...

Wow a sewing room of your own - how grown up! Love the pic of your littles in the garden - like Bill and Ben!

claudia said...

What a great space that is! I love that you can open it up to the garden, where your little treasures will be playing I am sure! Looks like it could be a very pleasurable place to be!

heart of charnwood said...

Looks fab, bet you can't wait to be let loose in there!! :o)

Jennie said...

Wonderful little space! It's lovely to have so much light!

Jennie said...

Wonderful little space! It's lovely to have so much light!

Lorna McMahon said...

Great to have a peek into your little happy place! And a pleasure to see your treasures in the garden. Thanks sew much for sharing, Karen!


Aoife said...

It's a lovely space, so jealous that you can be right by the outdoors! This is a random question, but is the pixelated WIP hanging in front of the wadding of a Power Puff Girl or has my brain finally gone utterly mad?

Liz said...

Congrats on your sewing space, what an awesome view!

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