Friday 2 August 2013

Fabric Scrap Storage Linky Page


jan said...

Hi Karen,
i don't have a good storage solution now but I know what i want to do when I get a sewing space. I have seen alot of fabric baskets, so I want to make baskets in different base colors and have them on a bookcase. Like a red basket for reds, etc..... plus i would get to use up those scraps!
can't wait to see all the ideas out there!
Have a great weekend
xo jan

Stephanie said...

Hey Karen! I'll link up my post about the ScrapBeeLicious because I show all my ziploc bags of scraps. I've sorted them by color and they are kept in my big bins of fabric that are also organized by color :)

Jessica Hadden said...

Karen, you inspired me to think out loud about how I store scraps! Hugs!

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