Friday, 23 August 2013

Travel Sewing Pouch

I finished my Embroidery Pouch from Patchwork, Please! Just in the nick of time to take it on holiday! Yay!

I used Essex Linen to finish off the front patchwork section and on the back, it's a bit thicker fabric and adds a bit of stability.  I bound it in black, thinking that if the pouch was floating around in my travel bag, the car and the caravan it might get grubby on the edges!

I copied Hadley's idea of using the Tesco pencil case instead of the 'hard to find' vinyl for one of the side pockets, I used the blue safety pin fabric as the visible under fabric which I love!

I made the needle book section with some fab aqua coloured felt, and another pencil case for the lower pocket.  I did bind the vinyl but it turned out way too skinny and barely covered the edges, so I sewed some coordinating ribbon over it instead!

I also added some elastics, with a button in the middle, so that I could attach some cotton and my scissors.

I'm really pleased with how it turned out, it took some brain power in the middle there to pull it all together but I got there in the end!  And my hexie project fits inside just great!


Catrin Lewis said...

This is great, but don't we get a proper look at your hexie project?

Paula said...

Beautiful. I really must make one myself as my on-the-go hexie projects are travelling in ziplock bags with me at the moment.

Sarah Lizzie said...

I love your travel sewing pouch! What a clever idea with all those pockets and hidey holes to house all your bits and bobs! 'Tis very cool!!

quiltswithpersonality said...

Beautiful travel sewing pouch. Thanks for sharing. Marie

jan said...

This is sew very cute! have fun on holiday!
xo jan

Lisa said...

Looks great! Need to make onemyself!

Jessica Hadden said...

I love this! Your hexies sure know how to travel! ;)

mbartholomew said...

Love this pouch! The linen and aqua are a great combination!

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